What are the advantages of screw sludge dewatering equipment?

- Dec 03, 2018-

The screw sludge dewatering equipment is a device with compact structure, small footprint, low energy consumption, low operating cost, high energy saving, high technical content, easy maintenance and replacement, small weight and easy to handle. The screw sludge dewatering equipment includes a mud bucket, a cylinder body, a screw, a pressure filter plate, a fixed plate, a sink, a discharge port, a drain pipe, a mud cake breaker, a seepage plate, and a buckle.


In comparison, the screw sludge dewatering equipment has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and good dewatering effect. The machine has good performance, high work efficiency, high degree of automation, simple operation, good working environment, affordable price, labor saving, small floor space and long service life. The machine has become an effective way to reduce the moisture content of sludge, reduce the amount of sludge, and expand the utilization of sludge resources.


Due to the reasonable structural design, the screw sludge dewatering equipment is not easy to block during operation, reducing the flushing water consumption, saving water costs, and reducing the internal circulation burden.