What are the advantages of using activated carbon filter equipment?

- Feb 25, 2020-

First of all, there is no desorption: Many people know that there is no secondary pollution. They are worried that the water purifiers they purchase cannot achieve the effect of completely purifying the water source, but will cause secondary pollution. This can be said to be "lost wives and soldiers." Because the filter element used in general water purifiers is granular activated carbon. Particulate activated carbon (PAC) collides and decomposes each other under the action of water flow, so that the filtered water becomes black, and at the same time, the adsorbed pollutants are released, and secondary pollution is formed. However, the activated carbon rod filter does not have a specific process after the activated carbon rod, except for the initial use of a black water, there will be no signs of black water in the subsequent use process, let alone the formation of secondary pollution due to adsorption.

Secondly. Double function: The filter element of ordinary water purifier is granular activated carbon, but only granular activated carbon has adsorption function, and activated carbon rod filter element, because of its rich and zigzag micropores, not only has good adsorption effect, but also has a large number of impurities to intercept function, so It can be said that it is two-thirds.

Then, the removal efficiency is high, the efficiency is high, and there is no waste: during the use of the granular activated carbon filter, the water flows instantaneously, and it can only contact the surface of the activated carbon particles. As a superfine powder rod product, its specific surface area will increase, and the adsorption pores will also increase greatly, and each part of the activated carbon can fully contact the water flow, so as to achieve efficient and efficient filtration.

Filtering without dead angles: due to the existence of a large gap between the particles of granular activated carbon filter elements, the connection between activated carbon and water flow is not enough, affecting the filtration effect of the water purifier itself, but the activated carbon rod filter elements are staggered evenly The micropores make every drop of water completely contact the activated carbon, which improves the filtering performance of the purifier.

At last. Wide application: granular activated carbon filter has a single function and is rarely combined with other filters; while activated carbon powder can be mixed with multiple functional filter powders into a rod-shaped functional filter material to remove water pollution in a targeted manner. There are two forms of activated carbon: powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon. The particle size of powdered activated carbon is less than 0.18 mm, and the particle size of granular activated carbon is 0.2 to 5 mm. Powdered activated carbon (PAC) is often used in the field of water purification due to its large voids and large surface area. In order to make the activated carbon fully contact with water and prevent leakage of carbon powder, powdered activated carbon is usually used as a raw material, and the powdered activated carbon is made into a rod shape (block shape) through various processes.