What are the main installation precautions for the decanter centrifuge?

- Aug 18, 2020-

The decanter decanter centrifuge is a horizontal spiral unloading separation equipment that can be operated uninterrupted. At present, people mainly use this equipment to remove solid particles in the suspension to obtain a clear liquid, or to remove solid particles with a larger particle size in the material liquid. The decanter centrifuge can also be used as a dehydration device.

Under normal circumstances, the rotating speed of the decanter centrifuge is not less than 3000 rpm. Moreover, the higher the speed of the equipment, the higher the separation factor, and the better the actual separation effect. Moreover, the equipment can carry out continuous feeding, separation, washing and unloading at full speed.

The reason for using a decanter centrifuge is generally to separate the solids in the mixed liquid, or to separate two incompatible mixed liquids with different amounts. However, if you want to achieve good results, you must ensure a good installation.

When installing a decanter centrifuge, there are some problems that need attention. After determining the installation location, you must first lay the foundation to ensure that the foundation is firm and flat, and the flatness is within 1mm/m2. And the space left around should be easy to operate.

Considering the later use and maintenance, it is recommended to use flexible joints when connecting each pipeline. When fixing each bolt, first tighten it by hand, and then tighten it diagonally with a wrench to ensure the level of the whole decanter centrifuge.

Under normal circumstances, during the installation process, sufficient space should be reserved for the decanter centrifuge. Generally, the distance between the equipment and the surrounding buildings should be no less than two meters. Moreover, a lifting device should be provided above the decanter centrifuge to facilitate disassembly and assembly during maintenance.