What are the welding requirements for horizontal spiral centrifuges?

- Sep 03, 2020-

In order to ensure the performance and quality of the horizontal screw centrifuge, the corresponding specifications must be observed during the welding operation. First of all, the groove surface of all welded joints should be processed by mechanical methods. In addition, during the welding operation of the horizontal screw centrifuge, all the welding materials used need to undergo hydrogen removal and strict cleaning.

Secondly, before welding starts, all workers must wear work clothes and gloves. During the welding process, do not touch the area near both sides of the beveling machine. And it is forbidden to use iron to beat the surface and groove of the horizontal screw centrifuge.

Third, when the weldment group is cleaned up, welding should be carried out immediately. In addition, it is necessary to reasonably control the concentration of argon and helium, otherwise it may affect the welding effect.

Fourth, after welding the horizontal screw centrifuge, the groove and the surrounding area within 25 mm must be strictly mechanically cleaned and degreasing treated. At the same time, it should be noted that during the entire welding process, corresponding protective measures must be taken to avoid contamination of the groove.

Fifth point, before welding starts, corresponding protective measures should be prepared in advance, and if conditions permit, iron contamination tests should also be carried out in advance. In the process of welding the horizontal screw centrifuge, the surface of the welding layer should be checked for color every time one is completed. Under normal circumstances, the surface color of the weld and the heat-affected zone should appear silvery white or golden yellow. If the color does not match, the welding should be performed again.

What needs to be reminded is that in the welding process, inert gas double-sided shielded arc welding or plasma welding should be used. After the horizontal spiral centrifuge is welded, it should be ensured that there are no undercuts, pores, arc craters or cracks on the weld surface.