What details should we pay attention to when using wire wound meltblown filter element equipment?

- Mar 10, 2020-

In the filtering operation, the function of the filter material and backflushing dust directly reflects the change in the pressure drop of the wire wound filter element, and the pressure drop is related to the filter function of the filter bag of the wire wound meltblown filter element equipment, which is the first to affect the long-term stable operation. Elements.

The main problems with wire-wound filter elements are the dust retention in the filter material fiber layer, incomplete and uneven pulse back blow cleaning, which results in poor regeneration capacity of the filter bag, increased residual pressure drop, and excessive system resistance. Large, reducing the power and life of the filter bag. A lot of researches on the separation mechanism of wire-wound filter elements have been conducted at home and abroad, but these researches are mainly combined during the stable filtration period, and there are few reports on the non-steady-state operation function during the pre-filtration period.

The over-construction process in the early stage of filtering is different from the filtering process in the stabilization period. It affects many factors and changes in pressure drop, which directly affects the subsequent filtering operation process. Because pressure is a basic parameter that directly reflects the filtration process.

Meltblown filter element equipment in the single filter bag test device first query the filtering process, the impact of filter speed and personnel concentration changes on the filter bag pressure drop, the key query the filter during the pre-filtration residual pressure changes characteristics, pulse back blow cleaning System scheme, reasonable pulse parameter selection and supply basis.