What is the effect of high temperature in horizontal screw centrifuge

- Sep 24, 2020-

Horizontal screw centrifuges have played an increasingly important role in production, but in actual work sometimes there are problems with abnormal temperatures. Everyone should know that the equipment has a high speed during operation, so it will not cause excessive influence within a certain temperature range, but if the temperature exceeds a certain range, it is likely to have some adverse effects on the equipment.

If the situation is not particularly serious, it may just affect the quality of the work. If the situation is more serious, it will not only cause the horizontal screw centrifuge to stop, it may even burn the motor in the equipment and affect the use. Therefore, we must avoid such problems as much as possible in our work and keep it in normal working condition as much as possible.

So, if the temperature is too high, what impact will it have on the horizontal screw centrifuge? For this problem, we have summarized that if the temperature of the equipment rises, it is easy to cause the water temperature of the equipment to rise, which will increase the water content of the material and reduce the separation effect; and if it is in this state for a long time If so, it will affect the material properties of the equipment and accelerate the wear and tear of the equipment; in addition, high temperature will also increase the burden on the cooling system, and at the same time will affect the cooling effect.

In addition, if the temperature is too high, it will not only cause surge problems during the operation of the equipment, but more importantly, it will increase the energy consumption of the equipment. To address these problems, we need to take certain measures to ensure that the horizontal screw centrifuge works at a suitable temperature, such as increasing the coolant or speeding up the circulation of the coolant.

The above is about when using horizontal screw centrifuge equipment, if there is a high temperature problem, we should be aware of the possible consequences and some countermeasures that can be taken, hoping to help everyone.