What should you pay attention to when installing the spun filter cartridge machine

- Dec 07, 2018-

The spun filter cartridge machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, stable product quality, long service life, low production cost, good safety and strong adaptability. When installing, it is generally installed after the aftercooler and the gas storage tank, as close as possible to the point of use and the lowest temperature. The working pressure does not exceed the maximum pressure indicated by the filter.

spun filter cartridge machines should not be installed after quick opening valves and prevent backflow and shock. Unscrew the housing and remove the old filter. Clean the shell of the spun filter cartridge machine, replace it with a new filter element, do not miss the seal ring, and add Vaseline. The filter element should be tightly packed. The spinning filter should be installed vertically and leave enough space underneath to replace the filter. Larger filters should be properly supported in the pipeline.

Isolation of the spun filter cartridge machine, closing the intake valve or compressed air supply system, completely depressurization and then closing the outlet valve or closing the outlet valve and then completely draining through the filter drain. In daily life, we have to regularly check the spun filter cartridge machine.