Which internal structure of horizontal spiral centrifuge is more important?

- Jun 20, 2020-

Horizontal spiral centrifuge, the next editor will mainly explain its internal structure, rather than its price, this is because the latter is already in front, but the former is not, so we need to explain it so that everyone can Can be clear in this regard, without any doubt. Then, for this purpose, without further ado, the editor will expand the specific content, hoping to give you some specific help so that everyone can gain something.

In the horizontal spiral centrifuge, there are many parts, so below, the editor will briefly explain it separately, and the contents are as follows.
In the horizontal spiral centrifuge, there are generally several shapes of the rotating drum, such as cylindrical, conical, and cone-cone combination. One, it is conducive to solid-phase dehydration, the second, it is conducive to liquid phase clarification, and the third is the combination of the former two. In addition, the length-to-diameter ratio of the drum is also very important. If the materials are difficult to separate, then the required length-to-diameter ratio is also greater. Also, the smaller the cone angle of the drum, the better, because it can avoid the phenomenon of backflow.
The differential in the centrifuge is to allow a certain speed difference between the drum and the screw propeller, and to be able to rotate in the same direction. There are three types of overload protection devices: mechanical, mechanical hydraulic and electronically controlled mechanical.