Why does the horizontal screw centrifuge trip?

- Sep 05, 2020-

In the industrial production process, the horizontal screw centrifuge sometimes suddenly trips. At this time, many workers just turn on the switch again and continue to work. And did not check why such a problem occurred, which sometimes caused the motor of the horizontal screw centrifuge to burn. Now we will introduce the issues in this regard.

In fact, for the tripping problem of the horizontal screw centrifuge, we can find out the problem through inspection, and then deal with it, so as to avoid the tripping problem next time. In fact, the main reasons for tripping include:
1. Line problems;
2. Overload operation, overload;
3. Motor failure;
4. The motor power is too small to meet the current demand;
5. Setting problems.

For the reasons listed above, then we can take some targeted measures to prevent the horizontal screw centrifuge from tripping.
First, try not to overload the horizontal screw centrifuge and operate for a long time;
The second point is that staff should be arranged to check each line regularly to avoid line failure;
The third point is that the equipment should be operated at normal power as much as possible, and should not be overloaded for a long time.
The fourth point is that the horizontal screw centrifuge should be set up correctly to avoid loss of its internal accessories and cause tripping; the fifth point is to keep the equipment at a proper temperature and work; the sixth point is to regularly enter the equipment for maintenance and maintenance. To ensure its performance.

As users, it is necessary for us to inspect and maintain our horizontal screw centrifuge equipment according to the above-mentioned content. If we can meet these measures, then the probability of tripping problems can be effectively reduced, and the efficiency of the horizontal screw centrifuge will be better.