Why PP filter equipment should be changed frequently

- Feb 22, 2020-

1. When the flow rate at the water outlet of the water purifier becomes very small and cannot meet the daily usage, it means that the filter element is in a condition that is blocked and it is time to clean the filter element. After that, the normal flow rate is not restored. Then, for the sake of health It's time to change your filter.

2. When the taste of the water is similar to that of tap water, the chlorine smell still remains in the water. The water purification capacity is consumed. We all know that the activated carbon in the water purifier has a strong adsorption and water purification effect. It is also important to note that activated carbon itself easily breeds bacteria. When the adsorption is saturated, it is easy to make water purification. The device becomes a "sewage device".

3. When your water purifier has been used for two years and the filter element has not been replaced, it means that your filter element should be replaced. The use of water purifiers is not once and for all. Changing the "core" with your heart can ensure the safety and health of drinking water.