‘Sludge Dewatering Machine’ Time Arrival

- Apr 26, 2017-

Sludge Dewatering machine is the inevitable product of sewage treatment plant and sewage treatment station, after the sludge enters the environment without very good disposal, it will bring two pollution directly to the water body and the atmosphere, which will pose a serious threat to the ecological environment and human activities. Therefore, sludge treatment is very cautious, sludge treatment can be divided into sludge dewatering process and sludge drying process, the following main introduction of different types of sludge dewatering machine their respective strengths. Stack screw dewatering Machine
Sewage treatment Plant sludge roughly: physicochemical sludge, biochemical sludge, physicochemical and biochemical mixed sludge, such as three kinds.

Various sludge to the dehydration machine adaptation has certain different, the current domestic sludge dewatering machine commonly used models are: centrifugal, filter belt, spiral ring dispatch type and plate frame. Dewatering sludge, flocculant selection and proportioning operation is very important, flocculation effect is good, sludge dewatering relatively smoothly. The following is a brief introduction to the actual use of three models for selection:
Centrifugal: Three kinds of sludge can be adapted, but high energy consumption, high speed caused by noise. Filter Belt: Adapted to the physicochemical sludge, and the filter cake water content is low, the mixed sludge and biochemical sludge adaptability, reflux sludge, flushing water consumption, high energy, complex maintenance. Spiral Ring Dispatch Type: The first generation of dehydration machine represented by Japanese prototype has been popularized in China for 3-4 years, the disadvantage is that the production is low.

The new separation technology: The combination of spiral pressure and static and dynamic rings, forming a new separation technology of enrichment and dehydration, which has added an advanced dewatering mode selection for the environmental protection of sewage treatment in China. Energy saving and water saving: As a result of continuous dislocation of the static and dynamic rings can achieve the effect of the filter clearance is not easy to plug the purpose, replacing the old generation of filter cloth, belt filter plate high-pressure flushing, greatly saves the industrial water (stand-alone water-saving 13000 tons/year). The main spiral shaft running at low speed (3-5 rpm/min) reduces the mechanical abrasion of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the equipment. The main electromechanical consumption of ≦ 1.1kw/hr, stand-alone energy saving up to 50,000 degrees/year. The processing volume doubled: The second generation dewatering machine has been treated twice times more than the first generation dehydration machine. A 303 units can solve 10,000 tons of sewage sludge produced by the amount of (120-150 tons) and can be matched to the design of sludge deep dehydration to 50-40 process, single-set process can solve 130,000 tons of sewage treatment. Domestic initiative: Adjusting the platen adopts elastic automatic adjustment, naturally balancing the pressure of sludge in dewatering section, and more effectively guaranteeing the service life of the dispatch tablet of static and ring. Green Environmental protection: The whole machine sealed operation, can directly observe, the shell disassembly convenient, no sewage leakage, no two pollution, noise ≦ 45 db, so that the sludge room environment beautiful, civilized production. The plugging original in the annular dispatch type sludge dewatering machine, such as the filter-free cloth hole: The operation is safe and simple, according to the operation time period of the customer. Combined with the automatic control system, the program can be set up to realize automatic unattended (should have the amount of sludge).