The Development Of Volute Sludge Dewatering Machine

- Jun 08, 2017-

The filter equipment first appeared in the European industrial revolution in nineteenth Century, and the earliest industrial filtration equipments were filter press, vane filter and screw filter

Spiral filter also called spiral extruder, 1960s first appeared in Germany, the former Soviet Union, Sweden, the United States and other countries have also made the filter, and the earliest application of squeeze dewatering, and fish oil in the ground meat fish, shrimp waste filtration, especially in recent years has been widely used in sludge dewatering and other industrial processes of dehydration and other fields.
Early, spiral filter in filtering fish, shrimp and other waste found in such a case, the filter at the start of feeding after extrusion, the filtrate from the filter out. But after a period of filtration filtrate ceases to flow, the cake will not discharged from the discharge port, the main reason is the increase of the concentration of material because, the filter structure causes the filtering efficiency and a lower blocking.
With the development of spiral filtration technology, in order to avoid the blockage of the last century, 70s in Germany and other European countries, there is a relatively new type of filter structure, such as grid mesh structure, fixed ring structure. The screen is fixed on the screw shaft ring structure in full multi ring, the ring film is divided into two kinds: fixed ring and movable ring. The fixed ring and the movable ring is spaced with filter clearance through the friction ring and fixed ring activities between the material, promote greater than the friction hindering effect on material extrusion, so as to improve the material filtration effect, to avoid clogging phenomenon high viscosity material .
For example, Germany Darmstadt Industrial University, FAN company and LYCO company of the United States for fishery production, farm fields such as fixed ring filter structure of spiral filtration equipment - volute sludge dewatering machine prototype launched, can well avoid clogging problems, and therefore in the fishery, food industry developed in Japan, South Korea and other countries began to get promotion.
In recent years, volute sludge dewatering machine in China has been developing, innovation and promotion, the volute sludge dewatering machine easy separation, no blockage, has been widely used in the treatment of municipal wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater from petrochemical, pharmaceutical, textile, metallurgy, food and beverage, and many fields mine.
With the development of various new materials and control technology, some domestic companies are also carried out on the basis of some improvements, such as innovation, aiming at the improvement of the screw shaft, wear free structure, industry specific models.

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