Analysis On The Hazards Of Various Corrosion To Centrifuge

- Apr 26, 2017-

In centrifuge, local corrosion is widespread, and should be analyzed from its formative mechanism, and measures are taken to overcome it.

1, hole erosion is a kind of high corrosion phenomenon, mainly in the metal in the passivation, such as stainless steel, due to the surface of the local existence of possible defects, in the solution can destroy the passive film active ions, the passivation film is partially destroyed, thus forming the electric dipole, resulting in hole erosion. After the formation of pore erosion, due to the centrifugal force, the dynamic process of the galvanic dipole will be accelerated, thus ensuring the continuity of pore corrosion, until perforation, which is different from the cavitation erosion.

2, intergranular corrosion can cause the loss of parts of strength and extensibility, causing brittle parts, it is a surface along the grain boundaries to the development of the outer surface without corrosion signs of harm.

3, wear corrosion is the part surface at the same time suffer wear and corrosion damage.

4, the stress corrosion is in the corrosive environment, due to a certain tensile stress effect caused by damage. It has the following characteristics: residual tensile stress, tensile stress, corrosive infiltration environment, local defects.