Application Analysis Of Centrifuge On Sludge Treatment

- Mar 31, 2018-

With the progress of science and technology, people's living standard has been improved,and environmental protection has always been the most concern.Currently in production and life sewage treatment facilities are produced a large number of surplus sludge, is formed in the process of sewage sludge contains a high moisture content of solid and liquid, solid volume volume can reach its several times, if it is not very good, will affect the normal operation of the sewage treatment, cause secondary pollution
1. Principle and influence factors of centrifuge and belt filter.
1.1 horizontal spiral centrifuge.
Centrifugal sedimentation method is used to separate suspension, using spiral discharging mud separation machine, compared with other type of centrifuge sludge dewatering machine, has a wide scope of application, continuous operation, high automation degree, large production capacity, less power consumption per unit of production, no mesh filter cloth, compact structure, cover an area of an area small, easy maintenance, etc.
1.2 belt filter press.
Belt filter dewatering machine is composed of upper and lower two tension belt with sludge layer, from a series of regularly arranged roller pressure in the cylinder is S form, rely on the tension of belt itself form a crushing and shearing force of the sludge layer, the layer of sludge water capillary extrusion, obtain higher solid content of mud cake, so as to realize sludge dewatering. The key to successful development of belt filter is the development of filter belt, which is the result of the development of synthetic organic polymer, and is developing rapidly at home.
2. Influence factors of centrifuge.
2.1 differential speed
The sedimentation rate of the media is different, and the flocculation effect of sludge is different. The centrifugal speed of my workshop is controlled at 1-5 RPM. The larger the difference speed is, the faster the sludge will be processed, the amount of sludge will be increased and the liquid content will increase. The shaft power will be reduced, and the separation effect will be reduced, which will increase the solid content in the filtrate. Because the difference speed increases, actually in the drum inside the mixing use.
2.2 speed
Generally, the higher the incoming water speed, the better the treatment effect, the higher the sludge dehydration rate, the cleaner the filtrate. But the higher it is, the better it is. Normally, the sludge with better settlement effect will increase the power of the rotating speed shaft, but it is easy to cause the solid material to be released in time, and it is easy to plug the screw conveyor. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the appropriate speed according to the actual situation of production.
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