Application Of Mechanical Equipment Maintenance Filter In Industrial Field

- Apr 26, 2017-

The application of mechanical equipment maintenance filter in the industrial field. The rapid development of engine technology makes the fuel in the filtration before entering the injection system is crucial, the mechanical equipment maintenance filter can effectively filter the dirt particles and water in the fuel, avoid corrosion, excessive consumption of fuel, and ensure the stability of the engine's jet system.
Mechanical Equipment Maintenance filter has different design and filtration media, in principle, these differences are mainly embodied in the Rotary filter and fuel filter.
Online machinery and equipment maintenance filters are mainly used for low-demand applications, although their size is small, but they have an impressive performance through relatively high flow rates: Rotary filters are used to filter very fine-grained particles, and can be fitted with water collector and drainage valves. Rugged, corrosion-resistant enclosures and central tubes make the filter very pressurized to apply to construction and agricultural machinery.
According to the different spray system, the following types of rotary mechanical equipment maintenance filter can be provided:
WK type, WDK-type fuel injection direct pump and distribution pumps, pump ejector and common rail systems used in the maintenance of the special function of the filter is the use of patented Multigrade media. This is specially developed for the high requirements of filtering dirt particles (such as dust, rust or water) from fuel. Therefore, the mechanical equipment maintenance filter products are characterized by high filtration accuracy and the ability to highly-capacity. PL series Pre-Filter and water separator: This filter implements the minimum water separation efficiency of 93% of ISO 4020 standard requirements. In addition, the use of Pre-Filter extends the service life of the main filter.
In addition to rotary filter, there are a variety of mechanical equipment maintenance filter available. These filters have a star-shaped folding paper and therefore have an ideal surface to maintain dirt. Special Fold folds and impregnation (water and fuel heat up to 140 ° C) improves the stability of the filtration media, allowing the efficient use of large filter surface area. This has a positive effect on the durability of the mechanical equipment maintenance filter.