Do You Really Know About The Mechanical Equipment Maintenance Filter?

- Apr 26, 2017-

Mechanical Equipment Maintenance filter, only when doing maintenance will notice it but if ignore it, the consequences will be very serious
Mechanical Equipment Maintenance filter is the air filter, oil filter and fuel filter, as the name implies, mechanical equipment maintenance filter The role is to filter into the engine of the air, oil and fuel, thereby protecting the engine. Therefore, the mechanical equipment maintenance filter elements for the engine work is very important. So, we will talk about the maintenance of mechanical equipment filter elements.
Mechanical Equipment Maintenance Filter function: The engine work, the air inhaled first through the air filter, dust and other particles and impurities in the air are adsorbed on the mechanical equipment to maintain the filter surface, so as to avoid entering the engine caused mechanical parts wear.
Often have owners complain, their car is clearly used very well, but why the annual inspection tail gas is not standard? In order to find out the cause of excessive exhaust, so a lot of repairs, replaced the spark Plug and mechanical equipment maintenance filter, cleaned the injector, and even carried out a ternary catalytic converter cleaning, and then high-speed driving for half an hour, and then to detect, although the tail gas reached the standard, but ultimately is not sure where the problem.
Maintenance Tips
Lead to excessive exhaust may be a lot of factors, and mechanical equipment maintenance filter is often overlooked factors. If the air filter is not replaced promptly, the mechanical equipment maintenance filter surface will accumulate dust, causing the engine to work in insufficient gas, will cause excessive exhaust and accelerate weakness. In addition, the quality of mechanical equipment maintenance filter is also important, some inferior mechanical equipment maintenance filter is not good or with the filter shell between the sealing effect is bad, resulting in dust and other impurities into the cylinder, speeding up the wear of the movement.