Installation Of Horizontal Spiral Decanter Centrifuge Precautions

- May 26, 2017-

Horizontal spiral centrifuge machine is a spiral unloading decanter centrifuge machine, the spiral blade push feeder pushed to the small end of a rotary drum is discharged from the discharging port, the liquid through the overflow hole of drum overflow. This constant cycle, continuous separation in order to achieve the purpose.

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Horizontal spiral centrifuge installation precautions

1. Horizontal spiral centrifuge machine shall not be used for separation of flammable, toxic and corrosive, radioactive substances.
2. In preparation for the installation or operation before the horizontal spiral centrifuge, please read the instructions to comply with all requirements.
3. Do not operate the warning signs that are damaged or have no warning signs of centrifuges
4. If the machine vibration amplitude more than 24mm/ seconds, please immediately stop!
5. The centrifuge shall not be used when the feed temperature exceeds the limit indicated in the data sheet of the three manual in operation and maintenance
6. There is ice water in the drum, frozen or hard material, you can not start the centrifuge
7. Do not operate the centrifuge in excess of the manual data list, or the maximum rotating speed of the drum as indicated on the centrifuge nameplate, as well as the maximum density of solids
8. In the absence of the belt cover and other protection facilities, do not operate the centrifuge.
9. Check all automatic cutting device and monitoring system, to ensure its normal operation.
10. The centrifuge can not be completely stopped, the main power is completely disconnected, and the main switch is disconnected and locked safely, please do not disassemble the centrifuge
11. When the drum of the centrifuge, motor or cracks, bearing frame dent, pore or groove, do not operate the centrifuge.
12. When the running direction of the motor and the arrow in the opposite direction, please do not carry out any operation on the centrifuge.
13.In the centrifuge is not fully installed after the case, do not start the machine.
14. Follow all lubrication procedures and procedures of the equipment
15. At least annually check a centrifuge and motor base and all supporting frame, the casing and the connecting pipe fittings.
16.The rotating parts shall not be placed near the cloth and loose clothing.
17.Follow the normal procedures when disassembling, installing or operating, operating and servicing the machine
18. Only specially trained technicians to operate, cleaning, disassembly and installation of horizontal spiral centrifuge.

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