LW Horizontal Type Spiral Unloading Sedimentation Centrifuge Model: LW400-1800DY

- Apr 10, 2018-

The horizontal type spiral unloading sedimentation centrifuge (Hereinafter referred to as centrifuge) is one kind of rotating device with high speed. When operating and maintaining this device, you shall comply with the operating & maintaining regulations strictly so as to ensure that the device can be operated safely and reliably; before leaving factory, the test run shall be carried out for all the equipment to ensure that all the equipment can work reliably. If you can comply with all the regulations mentioned in this manual, the equipment can reach the maximum using life.  


The horizontal type spiral unloading sedimentation centrifuge makes use of centrifugal sedimentation principle to carry out the continuous separation for the solid-liquid suspension. The solid phase is promoted by the spiral ceaselessly. This is one kind of successive and highly effective solid-liquid separation and classification equipment. It has the following performances:   


1. The application scope is wide and the adaptability to the materials is good. It can be used in chemical, light industry, food, papermaking, mining industrial department, etc. widely. It applies to the liquid-solid separation of suspension: its solid phase weight concentration ≤10% (or its volume concentration ≤50% after the freedom sedimentation for 24 hours), equivalent diameter of solid phase particle≥0.005-2mm; the weight difference of liquid solid ≥0.05g/cm3. For example, it can carry out effective dehydration processing to calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, PVC, vinasse, paper pulp, vegetable oil, kaolin, white mud, sludge of environmental protection industry and the other materials.


2. This machine has successive production, great production ability, small unit energy consumption and high automaticity, which is suitable for the assembly line of industry.


3. The whole separation process of this machine is carried out under the sealing condition without taste, having no pollution to the environment. It is suitable for the production of pipeline specially.

4. The structure of this machine is compact and has small flooring area. The installation is convenient and maintenance is simple. The outer edge of the quick-wear part--- spiral shall be painted cemented carbide or mounted the hard metal tip or ceramic chip, which can improve the abrasion performance and increase the using lift greatly.   

5. The touching part between this machine and materials shall be of the stainless steel materials with strong corrosion-resistance.