On The Selection Of Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge To Pay Attention To What?

- Jul 03, 2017-

When we choose the right horizontal spiral centrifuge, not only can solve its production problems, but also can improve work efficiency, at the same time, in the choice of the appropriate decanter centrifuge, to a certain extent, in fact It will be directly to save its production costs, followed by, in fact, is to a large extent, we reduce the risk of business.

On the choice of decanter centrifuge, first of all, we actually have to pay attention to the speed of the centrifuge. Under normal circumstances, the decanter centrifuge should be more than 3000 rpm, the higher the speed on its centrifuge separation factor is actually higher, in terms of this aspect, it is in the separation effect on the fact It would be better.

Next, we actually have to pay attention to the material of the decanter centrifuge. For different materials on the wear resistance and corrosion resistance and other physical and chemical indicators is not the same, for foreign decanter centrifuge, for its minimum material is concerned, in fact, is 316L, or duplex stainless steel , On its abrasive components must choose to use ceramic synthetic materials can be.

Select the horizontal spiral centrifuge machine, we actually have to pay attention to its differential control. For different differential control accuracy is not the same, and for its life and its maintenance costs on the gap is relatively large, the higher the accuracy of the difference, the better the adaptability of the material, In this case, in fact, it will be suitable for the use of differential accuracy on the relatively high equipment.

Finally, in the choice of horizontal type spiral centrifuge, we actually have to pay attention to its aspect ratio, when the decanter centrifuge aspect ratio of the larger, its processing capacity will be greater, for its wet The rate will be smaller. Then, pay attention to the decanter centrifuge control system is not for the automation of programming control, and then we actually have to consider the centrifuge itself, an installation power factor.

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