The Reverse Development Of PP Melt Blown Filter Making Machine

- Mar 29, 2018-

Wuxi Shuhang Machinery Science and technology Co.,Ltd, After over the past ten years of hard work, the company has introduced and assimilated advanced process technologies at home and abroad, and has been developed into one of various plastic machine auxiliary machines and die manufacturers in the plastic industry.
Wuxi pp filter equipment company is a reverse development of the market and customer oriented, based on the information technology, through the process of channel members will return to country of origin of materials from the point of consumption, including return, nonconforming items return, repair and manufacturing, recycling, waste recycling, such as process, so that to regain value and properly dispose of these materials.

PP Melt Blown Filter Making Machine.jpg

Wuxi pp melt-blown filter equipment company decided to take the necessary measures from the following several aspects: one is the increase in the ecological economic zone development and the promotion of circular economy, especially attaches great importance to the development of ecological economic zone of knowledge talent training, constantly improve the level of environmental awareness of administrators at all levels and management; The second is to draw on the advanced planning concept of recycling economy park in developed countries, introduce the "3R" principle of circular economy and control means of the whole process of supply chain, and establish a new model of environmental management in the park. Third, constructing the technical supporting system of developing ecological economy, including resource reuse and alternative technology, pollution control technology, clean production technology, recycling waste reuse and recycling technology, environmental monitoring technology and zero emissions technology, etc.