Why Does The Screw Stacker Start Up And The Flow Rate Slows Down?

- Nov 02, 2020-

Reasons for slow start of screw stacker:
1. Check whether the screw shaft is worn or jammed. If so, it needs to be adjusted in time.
2. Check whether the pneumatic diaphragm pump is malfunctioning. If so, please solve it in time.
3. Check whether each valve is blocked. If so, please solve it in time.
4. Check whether there is a problem with the lubrication device. If so, please adjust in time.

Reasons for the slower flow rate of the screw stacker:
The advantages of the screw stacker are easy installation, strong modification, and can basically change the entrance direction according to the construction environment. Its simple operation and design flexibility are deeply trusted by users. However, some users find that the screw stacker occasionally has a slow flow rate after using it for a period of time, which reduces the operating efficiency of the screw stacker to a certain extent. The main reasons for the slower flow rate:
The machine or accessories are aging. Reasons that may include: connecting pipes, filters, wires and cables, motor aging, screw shaft failure, voltage instability, etc.
If you encounter this kind of problem, please contact the after-sales service of the machine in time to ensure a safe and professional solution to this problem.
When Party A encounters an unintelligible or abnormal failure during the use of the screw stacker, it must contact the manufacturer as soon as possible, so that the manufacturer can solve it after the sale, and do not personally fail to follow the requirements of the screw stacker operation manual. So as not to cause greater losses.