Volute Dewatering Screw Press

Volute Dewatering Screw Press

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:shuhang
Model Number:DL
Material:Stainless Steel
Application:Water Purification
Warranty:1 year
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Product Details

Product Description


         Volute Dewatering Screw Press which uses the screw extrusion principle is a new type of solid-liquid separation device.it reaches the goal extrusion dewatering sludge by the powerful extrusion pressure of changing the screw diameter and distance ,and the tiny spacing between moveable annular plates and fixed annular plates.   


Structure Principle

              The main body of volute dewatering screw press is made of multiple fixed annular plates and moveable annular plates with the screw shaft running through it. There are two parts of the body ,thickening department and dewatering department . It can thicken and dewater sludge in one box, and has taken place of the traditional filter clothes and centrifugal filter method for its distinctive filter model. 







Dewatering Principle

                 The wastewater is pushed into the dewatering machine.The volute dewatering screw press sludge will move to the sludge cake outlet under the pressure of changing the screw diameter and distance.Becuse the gap among the helical blades become narrower,so the sludge bear great pressure.and begain to dewatering under the pressure. The water comes out from the tiny space between fixed and moveable plates.



 1.Using scope widely 


2.The device cannot be cloged easily

3.Operating continuously and automatically

4.Operation costs can be saved 

5.No secondary pollution 

6.Flexible and durable frame 

7.Saving engineering investment

8.Improving phosphorous removal function

Product Application


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